Information de l'offre Fresh Project Engineer, as outsourcing Information de l'entreprise
Entreprise HUAWEI Bénin
Adresse mail à alerter
Information de l'offre
Type d'offre d'emploi Recrutement
Catégorie Télécom
Date limite de dépôt 23/06/2017
Etape actuelle de l'offre
Etape actuelle de l'offre Présélection
Début de publication 24-05-2017
Nombre de poste 2
[Cotonou,Benin ] [Libreville,Gabon ]

TALENTS PLUS ETT BENIN recruit for HUAWEI, as Outsourcing

02 Project Engineer: 01 for Benin and 01 for Gabon


1. Pass on the corporate core values, develop and construct the project organization, and build a high-performing team;

2. Responsible for project operation compliance and ensure that project delivery is in accordance with the company's management regulations;

3. Responsible for project financial results focus on customer needs, improve customer satisfaction through value presentation;

4. Make decisions on major issue, control the risks of the project, upgrade the customer needs;

5. Development of project delivery strategies, in charge of project execution.


1. Full-time Bachelor degree or above;

2. English all can be used as working;

3. Electronics, computer science, telecommunications, physics, automation, and mathematical science and engineering disciplines;

4. A strong sense of achievement-oriented, strong logical ability, to dare to take on, actively communicate with others, be willing to work in the frontline.

Please send your English CV, motivation letter, and expectation salary with the subject of “Name + Applying position to .

All candidates should be fluent in speaking and listening English & French.

All the interested people are asked to send their file at the addresses indicated at the latest on June 23th, 2017 at 6 pm.

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