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Information de l'offre
Type d'offre d'emploi Recrutement
Catégorie Juridique, Fiscalité, Droit
Date limite de dépôt 21/03/2017
Etape actuelle de l'offre
Etape actuelle de l'offre Présélection
Début de publication 08-03-2017
Nombre de poste 1

Lawyer for Multi-countries

Basic requirements

  1. Bachelor or specialist degree from a Beninese or Togolese state university.
  2. At least, 3 years of work experience in similar area (ICT industry, or international trade, or consumer business, etc.).

Professional knowledge

  1. Basic knowledge of Beninese laws, Togolese laws, Gabonese laws and Equatorial Guinean laws. List the principle and key points of the law system.
  2. Good knowledge of Beninese laws, Togolese laws, Gabonese laws and Equatorial Guinean laws, especially: OHADA law, labor law, tax law, criminal law (anti-corruption, duty encroachment, crime of breaching business secrets), cyber security and personal data protection, IPR.
  3. Good knowledge of legal procedure and judicial system.
  4. Understanding of public bidding activities.


  1. Fluent English; capability to review and draft legal documents in English.
  2. Litigation experience.
  3. Good communication and negotiation skills.
  4. Ability to work under pressure.
  5. Skilled user of MS Word and Excel.

Job duties

  1. Overall legal support of international and domestic business for top carrier, enterprise, government department and ICT partner.
  2. Contracts review and drafting; participation in contracts negotiation (sales and procurement).
  3. Ensuring legal compliance of the company’s daily operation and marketing activity.
  4. Reviewing business correspondence.
  5. Identification of legal risks and suggesting mitigation measures.
  6. Handling claims and disputes from suppliers and customers, including the account receivable dispute, real estate dispute, IPR dispute (Trademark, Copyright, Patent and Confidential Information).
  7. Advising on labor laws, corporation law.

Deadline: 21/03/2017

Please if you’re interested in the job send your CV both in English and French, cover letter and Certificates which demonstrates experiences.

With the subject of Name + Applying position to and  with a copy to

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